World To Burn Demo

by Furnace

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Thomas Cafe heavy and angry - im moshing.. despite that, stadium rock jam holocene is my favourite Favorite track: Holocene.
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Demo from new Brisbane group, Furnace.


released September 21, 2016

Songs written and performed by Furnace.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Liam Kriz.
Cover photo by Keldon Theodore.
Logo by Christopher Wallace.



all rights reserved


Second Guess Records Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: World To Burn
no hope for me
no hope for you
don’t wanna know
the hard truth

don’t pray for me
you’ve got nothing to prove
slave to the lies
slave to the pew

society, about to collapse
this fucking world
about to crash

abandoned my faith
in the human race
not meant for this world
we’ll be erased

now it’s too late who FUCKING cares
the only way you fucking idiots are gonna learn

is when you FEEL THE BURN

can you feel the burn?
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
fuck your effort
where is your work ethic
don’t deserve shit
the price you pay isn’t enough
you’re lying to your worthless self
you have no pride

how do you even get by?

don’t deserve fucking shit
you make me sick
brain dead fool
please just quit
nothing to give

no reason to live
your excuse i can’t forgive

show yourself some respect
piece of shit
fuck YOU
Track Name: Bleed You Dry
no love lost
no longer my blood
hang yourself to dry
won’t help you this time

crooked lying degenerate
i’m so sick of it
beneath my feet and through the cracks
i’ll step on you and watch you slip
this world has no use for you
only when you’re six feet deep
recycled in the ground
is as useful as you’ll be

until your final breath
wish for your own death
take the fucking pain

what’s in our veins is not the same
it’s too late to pay your debt
i’ll see you on your Death Bed
Track Name: Holocene
wawa weewa
Track Name: Devolution
fuck all the rest
evolved to regress
kill to progress
relish in your death
it’s not our world
it can’t be shared
it’s not your world
it’s only theirs

caught in our own lives
as the world dies
waiting to ignite
scorched by the light
Track Name: Drown
you feel the heat, you see the signs
your ignorance will take you down
you see the truth, believe in lies
won’t feel the burn until you drown

you are the cause, you are the blight
you’re aware of what is right
you’ll be gone before it’s time
and we’re forced to face the light

the cowards way out
irrational fall out
a legacy of SHIT
drown in neglect

alright laters on the menjay